In the popular press

Pain and Coping : On women’s pain during coronavirus (Statorec, July 3 2020)

What If Patients, Not Doctors, Could Decide Who Gets a Ventilator? (Slate, April 1 2020)

It Took Me More than 6 Weeks To Figure Out I Was Pregnant–And I’m A Doctor. (HuffPost, Nov 20 2019)

Breech Babies Don’t Always Require C-Sections (Slate, Oct 16 2019)

When an Abortion Doctor Becomes a Mother (The New York Times, June 27 2019)

Changing mind mid-abortion not necessarily simple or safe (San Francisco Chronicle, Nov 9 2017)

In medical journals

Among the Eucalyptus Trees (Journal of Palliative Medicine, 2013)

Oh, Mrs. Muramoto! (Academic Medicine, 2013)

Through The Cracks (Family Medicine, 2013)

Essays in ethics

A Writer and a Doctor (Hektoen International, 2014)

The God on My Grandfather’s Table (The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics, 2005)

Writings from medical school and residency

Things I’ve Learned From My Mother  (MS4, 2013)

Lost in the Hospital (Intern Year, 2013)–winner of the 2015 Joint Medical Program Writing Contest

And this loneliness won’t leave me alone (Intern Year, 2014)

“Willingly or unwillingly, she collected experience and wrote it….” –Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose


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