WINNER, Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Prize in Nonfiction, 2022

Boundless is a marvel of a book.” 
Lynn Melnick

“Engaging, thoughtful, and tragically timely”    
—Kirkus Reviews

“A brave and profoundly beautiful book”
—Verlyn Klinkenborg


Boundless is a deeply personal book about commitment—to one’s career, to love and family, and to one’s self. Dr. Henneberg traverses the difficult road toward becoming a doctor while balancing her marriage and family. It is an eye-opening read of someone who has found purpose in her work in abortion care.” —Diana Greene Foster, author of The Turnaway Study: Ten Years, A Thousand Women, and the Consequences of Having—or Being Denied—an Abortion

Boundless is a stark, honest account of an imperfect medical system and a physician who strives to hold it, and herself, to higher standards, with the goal of providing humane, compassionate abortion care.  Dr. Henneberg’s personal and professional exploration of the decision of whether and when to become a parent within these politically charged times is an engaging and thought-provoking read.Julie F. Kay, co-author of Controlling Women: What We Must Do Now to Save Women’s Reproductive Freedoms

What does it mean to choose—or choose not—to have a child, and what does it mean when that choice isn’t yours to make? A young physician in training imagines deliberately shaping her life by her choices. But when she finds herself pregnant and performing abortions for women not so different from her, she is forced to reckon with the hardest questions: What is the source of her agency and the root of her ambition? What does it mean to make a “good” choice when so little is under her control? And how can she maintain her boundaries in a world of boundless love—the world of motherhood? Her answers, bravely and beautifully articulated, lie at the heart of this provocative, tender, deeply empathic memoir. With a courageous, unflinching voice and a singular perspective from the abortion frontlines, Boundless raises radical and essential questions about boundaries, bodies, and the meaning of choice.

Watch a discussion of Boundless and of changing abortion laws in the U.S. between Dr. Henneberg and Dr. Prachi Priyam, hosted by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

ISBN 979-8-99860667-0-7

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